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tabsdotcoza is a tablature website for South African solo artists and bands, most of the content on this website is user submitted; although some bands have submitted tabs. You'll find guitar, bass, and drum tabs on this website.

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15 Most Recently Added Tabs See Last 100 Added Tabs
ArtistSongTab TypeDate Added
Robbie WesslesAan jou van myGuitar03 Dec 2014
Theuns JordaanSal jy blyGuitar29 Nov 2014
Adam TasIn die huis waar stilte woonGuitar22 Oct 2014
Adam Tas'n Man soos my paGuitar21 Oct 2014
Adam TasReenGuitar21 Oct 2014
NianellWho Painted The Moon?Guitar02 May 2014
Dewald WasserfallSewentienGuitar01 May 2014
WasserfalSuikerbosGuitar27 Apr 2014
HugoDeur die straightsGuitar17 Jan 2014
GlaskasGeagte Meneer die PresidentGuitar30 Dec 2013
Theuns JordaanJasmyn KatreinGuitar11 Dec 2013
Die Heuwels FantastiesSee AlleenGuitar11 Dec 2013
Die Heuwels FantastiesBuitenste RuimGuitar06 Dec 2013
Lianie May'n Engel HuilGuitar01 Dec 2013
ZinkplaatPiekniek op die MaanGuitar18 Nov 2013

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