Guitar tablature for The Gift by Seether
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Artist: Seether
Song: The Gift

TAbbed: Gideon Breytenbach
 Vir enige voorstelle
 enige iets
 kontak my asb.

 - Die greatest SA band ooit!!!
 - Ek weet die song is nie in die regte key nie, maar die een klink beter vir my en as jy hom gan convert na die
   die original key go right ahead!
 - So ja, thus if you play this with the actual song it wil sound false, so go solo and play it alone, hehe!!
 - The chords are 100% its just the key thats different, not wrong, "different"! hehe anyway
 - I didn't put in the intro but its easy to work out just play with your givin chords! anyway
 - I dedicate this to Chris-Lee Baker and Yolande Scheepers!
 - Lastly....., enjoy!!!


***   PLAY THE SONG ***
***       KEY       ***
***     Em  with G# ***
*** the  D  with F# ***
*** the  C  with E  ***
*** & the G  with B ***

Hiers die cords wat gebruik word in die song
G       320001
C       032010
D       000232
Em 022000

Em        D     C
Hold me now, I need to feel relieved
Em           D          C
Like I never wanted anything
Em             D     
I suppose I’ll let this go
    C    Em
And find a reason I hold onto
       D           C           D
I’m so ashamed of defeat

D        Em           C   D
And I’m out of reason to believe, in me
D              Em            C        G
And I’m out of trying to get by

G      D             C     Em
I’m so afraid of the gift, you give me
Em   D                      C  G
I don’t belong here, and I’m not well
G           D            C      Em
And I’m so ashamed, this lie I’m living
Em           D                C
Right on the wrong side of it all

Em            D              C      Em
I can’t face myself when I wake up, and look inside a mirror
Em       D              C       Em
I’m so ashamed of that thing
Em             D
I suppose I’ll let it go
     C        Em
Till I have something, more to say for me
Em     D          C
I’m so afraid of defeat

D        Em           C   D
And I’m out of reason to believe, In me
D              Em          C       G
And I’m out of trying to defy


Em             D                C
Hold me now, I need to feel complete
Em             D           C
Like I matter to the one I need



         G D     C
Now I’m ashamed of this
  G  D       C
I am so ashamed of this
         G D     C
Now I’m ashamed of this
 G D    C
I am so ashamed of me

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