Guitar tablature for Those days by Just Jinger
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THOSE DAYS by Just Jinger - "Here's to You"
Chords by Sheldon Stringer (

Please, don't take these chords as gospel, as they need a lot of work still.
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Intro: A E D

A               E
Everybody knew, everybody saw
It was wrong for me, wrong
A                    E
Everybody knew, that soon it would
Present something new to me
E             D
They'd say, save yourself

   A            E     D
Those days are over, I will not take it
   A            E     D
Those days are over

A                         E
Should have known before, should have known before
It was wrong for me wrong
Should have known that soon
E                             D
It would catch up and take my soul away
E           D
They'd say, save yourself

E         D               A
I had a choice to make, logically
E                              D
Plain to see, so many turns to make
  A             E                  D
Along the way, gone the day, that saved me

A  E  D x2

   A            E     D
Those days are over, I will not take it
   A            E     D
Those days are over                     repeat till end.

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