Guitar tablature for Kobus le Grange Marais by David Kramer (tabbed by De Wet)
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Kobus le Grange Marias - David Kramer
Intro   G G D G x2  C G D G X2
         G                                            D                       G
Well he sways on his stool in the station bar, and he calls for a short white wine.
        G                                        D               G
And he knocks it back and he sheds a tear and he damns the party line.
       C                       G                         C               G
And he talks to himself and he blocks his ears when the tired old locos shunt:
     G                         D              G            C           G                   
"Way back in '48 we said: die koelie uit die land, en die kaffer op sy plek, we said, the C                     G              G                                   D                 G
poor white wants his share. Oh they put me in my place, all right," said Kobus Le Grange Marais


"I was all my life a railwayman, I was all my life a Boer.
And there's none unkinder than a man's own kind, I'll tell you that's for sure;
Well I fought in the O.B. till I was caught and I sweated my guts in the camp.
For the bombs I threw and the bridges I blew and here's what I get for thanks;
For the turning wheels took off my legs and I'm not going anywhere
But downhill all the way from here," said Kobus Le Grange Marais

"It was dop and dam and a willing girl when we were young and green.
But Jewish money and the easy life are the ruin of a Boereseun.
Oh he disappears into the ladies' bar he's never seen again
Where women flash their thighs at you and drink beside the men.
And he sits there with moffies and piepiejollers and he primps his nice long hair:
"You'd take him for an Englishman," said Kobus Le Grange Marais.

"Now the meddling ghost of Reverend Phillip, he haunts us once more.
His face is pressed to the window-pane, and his knock rattles the door.
From Slagtersnek to Sonderwater he smears the Boers' good name;
And God is still a rooinek God, Kommandant op Koffiefontein.
And if what I hear about heaven is true, well it's a racially mixed affair.
In which case, ons gaan kak da' bo" said Kobus Le Grange Marais.

"Now the times are as cruel as the big steel wheels that carried my legs away;
Oudstryders like me are out on our necks, we stink like the scum on a vlei.
And the white man puts the white man down, the volk are led astray.
There'll be weeping at Weenen once again, no keeping those impis at bay;
And the tears will stream from the stony eyes of Oom Paul in Pretoria Square:
Cause he knows we'll all be poor whites soon," said Kobus Le Grange Marais X2

Daar's hy dames en here, heel eenvoudig. As jy nou baie ambisie het kan jy probeer om dit te pick i.p.v. strum, die akoorde bly dieselfde, maar hy doen eerder 'n C-powercord ('n F-form op die 8ste balk) as hy pick. Hoop julle geniet hom, enige vrae of kritiek laat my asseblief weet by
Getab deur De Wet Fourie, ex-welkomer. My gat is in Kanada, maar my hart is in die Vrystaat.

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