Guitar tablature for Solar System by Parlotones, The (tabbed by wian_e)
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Take a ride through the solar system
C                                    F                 Am   F
Pick a star and hope it fits in you pockets  
You know they love you but you just don't fit in
C                                            F         Am  F
You're swinging punches, boxing shadows, eye sockets

Pre Chores
C                      F
You dance like Marilyn Monroe
C                       F   G
But Juliet where's your Romeo?

They pushing you, pulling you, stretching you
They're somehow sucking the life out of you
F                             G
You're begging them please to stop

Die song klink die beste as die chords gepick word :) as jy 'n fout gekry het met di ding, mail maar dat ek dit regmaak!
okay :)