Guitar tablature for Postmodern World by Karen Zoid (tabbed by kunuk)
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Postmodern World - Karen Zoid
Album: Postmodern World
[Capo 5th fret]

This song is super simple to play if you have a capo. Otherwise, you
could either tune your guitar up 5 semi-tones or play every chord up 5
semi-tones so that you change Am to Dm, C to F, D to G, and G to C.

Here are the chords used in the song for quick reference:
         Am      C       D       G       

Have fun! Please let me know if there any changes/suggestions you have
to make the tab better,
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Kunuk –


G      C              Am    D
Do you remember me my baby
G       C                 Am    D
I’m the one who held your hand
G        C                   Am    D
When the rain came down like crazy
G        C                  Am    D
You said I was your closest friend
G           C               Am    D
Come on and smile for me my baby
G         C         Am       D
I need to feel you, close to me
G           C                 Am    D
Times are tough and sometimes take me
G          C            Am    D
But you’re almost all I need


FYI - when you see the “slide-D” place your fingers on a D chord one
fret down, strum the strings, then slide up to the proper position.
As in the example below...

   D (strum with music)    D-slide   D (strum with music)      

C               Am
In a postmodern world
There are no more heroes
slide-D       D  
It’s all just ones and zeros
C               Am
Postmodern world
You are the one I run to
slide-D       D
The one I can hold on to

G      C                Am    D
You be Brad and I’ll me Janet
G     C                    Am    D
We’ll pretend we’re in our beds
G     C                   Am    D
We’ll survive this broken planet
G           C              Am    D
If we don’t care what they say

C               Am
In a postmodern world
What’s there to compel us
slide-D          D
What our teacher tells us
C          Am
Postmodern world
C                             D                  
Too much information, in each observation

Violin solo...

G              C              G              D
Globalization, self-approval, prejudice, the rebel removal
G                 C               D
Who’s the guy who started Google, I forget their names
G             C                    G         D
Everything is possible, and almost nothing’s certain
At least we all have windows now, without those iron curtains

G                            C                       G               D
You’re paying it back on the side of life, so we can watch fist fights
late at night
G             C                 D
Oprah teaches wrong from right, GI Joe will learn to fight
G                 C                   G                            D
So let’s kill the witch, and save the planet, ‘cause everyone’s
selling propaganda
C                 D
First we’re bored, then we’re scared, I’ll be your baby in this world

C          Am
Postmodern world
D             slide-D                  D
Everyone’s so cleaver, they don’t live forever
C          Am
Postmodern world
D                 slide-D                   D
Trying to keep it together, in the changing weather
C          Am
Postmodern world
D             slide-D          D
Keep the cold outside, and our ?????
C          Am
Postmodern world
D         slide-D                D
Spare the apathy, I need you and me


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