Guitar tablature for Prayer for port st. johns by Koos Kombuis
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Pryer For Port St. Johns
" Elke Boemelaar se droom "

Tabed By:Lorentz Von Czapiewski (

Standerd tuning

Chord used :   C 330210
               D xx0232
               G 320022
It's evening
         G             D
I'm facing the sea
There's no doubt
               C       G
Where I'm longing to be
To be

On the beach
With The breezes of blue
Just the spray on my face
Sets me thinking of
Thinking of you

It's been so long
Since I've talked to the dunes
It's been so long
Since I've played these
Travelling tunes

Hold my hand
Precious lord
Won't you make me feel fine
Make me feel just fine
As when I saw Port St. Johns
For the first time

Lots of days I hace spent
In sadness and sorry
Lots of night I have cried
With no hope at all
For tomrrow

Lets me go to the place
Where I first saw your face
Where the ground Turned the sky
And the voice came from space

There are deeds to be done
There are victories to win
There's young girls that smiles
At the hero's are return

There are songs to be written
There are lyrics to rhyme
We can feel what we felt
When we saw Port St. Johns
For the first time

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