Guitar tablature for Words by Niemand
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     SONG: Words
   ARTIST: Niemand
    ALBUM: Reborn

     TYPE: Guitar Tablature
TABBED BY: Justin Stanford
    EMAIL: jus (at) nod32 (dot) co (dot) za
COMMENTS: Great song, great album -- buy it and support SA music! Corrections welcome.
     USED: Acoustic

Chords Used:

E  - 022100
G# - 046650
A  - 577600
B  - 799800

E -7-5-4-0-2-2s4-4-0-2------------------
B ---------------------2-0-5------------
G --------------------------------------
D --------------------------------------
A --------------------------------------
E --------------------------------------

I can't believe...

G#                 A
How beautiful you are..

And I can't explain...

G#                A
What you mean to me..


       G#               A
But I know you need to hear it...

       G#               A
If you only knew how I tried..


          E                 B
But the words don't always come out right..

   G#                A
I let them go, and they take flight

      E                   B
Cos words will fade like falling stars

            G#              A
But you'll find me in the meaning of my heart

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